Finding Forte

The Typeface Everyone Knows

Exhibition 28.9.—26.10.22

Mo–Fr: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat, Sun: 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Entry: 4 Euro/2 Euro reduced
designforum Wien
Q21/MQ, Museumsplatz 1/Hof 7


Wednesday, September 28, 6:30 pm

Lange Nacht der Museen

Saturday, October 1, 6.00 pm—1.00 am
Curator’s tour Tom Koch (7.30 pm)

Craig Winslow

Thursday, September 29
7.00 pm/tga lecture
Augmented restoration: shining a light on faded ads

In this talk, Craig will share the process behind his ongoing, worldwide augmented restoration project, light capsules, which brings hand-painted, faded advertisements back to life. He will discuss the creation of this project from his time as an Adobe resident, the technology and design behind each light capsules creation, and his process of making them permanent installations. He’ll also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the production of ›brilliant!‹, his permanent exhibition at Las Vegas’ Neon Museum that launched in 2018. 



Toshi Omagari

Wednesday, October 5
7.00 pm/tga lecture
Taking Forte forward

Forte has been a ubiquitous display typeface since its inclusion in MS Office products. However, its visual quality has not been up to the modern standards. This situation changed when Mara Reissberger and Tom Koch visited the Monotype archive and saw the original design, which also grabbed Toshi’s attention. He started a redesign of Forte by removing the design shortcomings that were no longer relevant while staying true to Karl Reißberger’s original intention.

The result is Forte Forward, a proper update of the original design to be released by Microsoft this October. Toshi Omagari is an independent typeface designer in London. Since he joined monotype in 2012, he has released a number of revivals of forgotten classics such as Metro Nova, the Berthold Wolpe collection, and Neue Plak, while also working on custom typefaces for clients such as H&M and Sir Quentin Blake. He now runs his own studio.


Typo 3.0 & Logo Workshop

Thursday, October 6
4.00 pm/Monotype–free!
Emilios Theofanous & Friedrich Althausen 

Creative Type Directors from Monotype Studio give in-depth insights: Emilios Theofanous (Studio London) reveals what tomorrow's written communication will look like, Friedrich Althausen (Studio Berlin) designs a professional wordmark with visitors and digitises it.

This is our Type 3.0 & Logo Workshop at designforum/MQ, Vienna, 6 October, 4–7 pm. The event is free of charge!
Attention: There are only 50 available places.

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Typewalk Tom Koch

Thursday, October 13
3.30 pm/design austria
Meeting point: Café Hummel

Vienna has a great tradition of individual urban signage and was once considered a metropolis of sign painters’ art. The walk takes us to remaining representatives of those individually designed letterings that were an essential part of Vienna’s visual identity but have largely been lost today. It provides insights into Viennese sign painting, tells the stories behind the facades and shows ways of dealing with this very special heritage of the city.

After the walk we will visit the “Finding Forte” exhibition at designforum Wien.

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